Top Vector Web Elements to Have on a Website


September 27, 2021

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Vector images are not just for illustrations! Web designers can use various vector images and icons for web elements. A website cannot function without its important elements because they support the interaction with users, but designers must pay attention to the visual design of those elements. 

You can find numerous vector images for web elements in images of graphic templates. However, make sure to understand the main elements in your website, even for a beginner product.


Main Vector Web Elements for Every Website

Vector Web Elements
Sumber : Dreams Time

Web elements direct users to perform certain actions, so they must be easy to locate and use. You don’t need to use vector images to represent all elements, but some are considered the top ones. They are:

  • Buttons

Clickable buttons are something that must exist in any website and application. You can get vector images for buttons depending on your designs. If you download specific graphic templates as the base of your design, you will get button vectors with looks that follow the themes.

  • Toggle Keys

Toggle keys provide instant switches between two options, which means you do not need to click different buttons. You can use vector images for toggle keys, but make sure their placements are natural.

  • Social Media Icons

Social media compatibility is an important part of modern design trend for younger users. While social media icons are usually available as default plugins, you can use vector images to create these web elements. The vector social media icons are available in various styles, and you can match their looks with the overall design theme.

  • Progress Bars

Progress bars images are usually something to see from player tools, like music or movie. However, progress bars are also available on download pages, giving customers expectations on when the process will be finished. Lately, progress bars also appear on online forms, especially the ones with stacked models.

  • Media Players

Icons for media players can also be made of a vector. You can place these images anywhere convenient on your new website. Media players consist of various icons to control, turn on, and turn off the playing videos or music files. Again, you can adjust these vector website elements with the overall theme of your design.

  • Form Fields

Form fields are empty boxes where website users fill in the information to perform actions or access services, such as subscribing to newsletters, signing up for services, or buying tickets. Form field designs are straightforward, but you can make the texts and borders have a similar design to the website’s theme.

  • Miscellaneous

Miscellaneous web elements may differ depending on the type of your website design and content. They can be rating stars, tag labels, page numbers, and such. Vector images for these miscellaneous elements make their designs more attractive for users and easier to locate. 


Web Elements and Graphic Templates

Vector Web Elements
Sumber : Pinterest

Graphic templates make it easier for web designers to incorporate vector web elements without making them from scratch. Each template comes with vector elements and images, which you can modify depending on the design goal. Buttons, toggle keys, form fields, and media compatibility come with vector images to decorate the web pages.

Here are some good examples of graphic templates with vector web elements:

  • Coffee Shop

Coffee Shop comes with proper buttons like Order, Shop, and Reserve, along with vector images of colorful coffee shops. The simple, silhouette-style social media icons are ideal for promoting the modern coffee shop.

  • Professional IT Services

Professional IT Services answers the needs of its typical visitors by adding Contact and Ask Us buttons on the homepage. The slides allow visitors to read a little information about the service, complete with a slide indicator.

  • Farms

Farms is a template to promote fresh food supplies. It comes with a login button and notification dots on the New Arrivals menu for quick product updates. It also has a giant web form field for easier Search on the homepage, knowing that visitors mostly come to find products quickly.

  • FoodApp

FoodApp is a graphic template with vector elements used to promote an app. The main buttons on the homepage are Play Store and App Store since the main goal is for visitors to download them. Standard buttons include Contact and Log In, plus vector icons that symbolize the app’s functions.

Vector images serve as decorative and functional elements on a website. Make sure to download graphic templates to get the right vector elements for your web designs.

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