7 Expert Tips to Make Outstanding Keynote Templates


September 29, 2021

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Like most Apple products, Keynote offers a considerate balance of ease and functionality. This presentation software comes with a wide range of built-in themes, default templates, and many options of customization that are useful for any session of the presentation. If you want to work more with Keynote templates and make your session more outstanding than ever, here are some expert tips to follow!

Keynote Templates
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  • Identify the Objective and Opportunity of Your Presentation

In order to choose the suitable templates on Keynote, the first thing you need to do is identifying the objective and opportunity of your presentation. Before digging deeper into template modification, make a list of the objectives you want to achieve after finishing the session—whether it is to increase selling points, introduce your teams, or deliver important information. 

Next, you should also consider the opportunity presented in the session, including the venue and the audience. By taking those aspects into account, you will be able to create the templates accordingly. 

  • Customize the Templates

After deciding on particular objectives and contents, you need to customize the Keynote templates to suit those aspects. Keeping your contents in mind, think about the types of templates you actually need and how they should be structured ideally. If you have settled on something, it’s time to begin the customization process using Keynote master slides or template collections. 

  • Present a Specific Theme

When it comes to using Keynote, most presenters aim to make the presentation stand out while offering a sense of professionalism. However, to achieve this goal, their main solution is using the slide decks—which in this case, is not as specific as you think.

What you really need to do is working with a more specific theme that will support the content of your presentation. Make use of construction templates if your content is all about construction projects or choose an educational theme to present your perspective in education; whichever you do, always be specific. 

  • Include Animation on Your Slides

Grab your audiences’ attention immediately by presenting the Keynote templates with animations. In addition to making the presentation more interesting, animated templates on Keynote are helpful to smoothen the session. It will be easier to guide the audiences through the content goals you want to deliver. 

You may find that most premium templates of Keynote are not automatically animated. Don’t worry, though, because you can customize animations on your own by adding some effects to the setting.

  • Make Sure that Your Slides are Readable

Readability is highly valued when you deliver a presentation in Keynote. This aspect becomes more important if you deal with larger audiences or take place in a spacious room. 

To optimize the level of readability, make sure that your slides possess the following qualities: have larger fonts, neat and not cluttered, use sharp texts, and provide enough open space. Keynote slides with those qualities will make the presentation highly readable for all audiences, even those sitting in the back.

  • Style Your Slides with Kinetic Typography

Text is an essential design element you shouldn’t miss, especially when your presentation content has a lot of it. Therefore, besides modifying the Keynote templates, you should also take this aspect into account.

Count on kinetic typography to spice up the texts on your slides. The steps are quite simple and can be done in no time. All you have to do is select a font, add a word animation, and set the timing to decide how long the text effect will last. 

  • Use Lots of Illustrations

In most cases, illustrations offer many advantages to your default templates on Keynote. They help improve the whole look of the presentation, prevent your content from being cluttered, and keep the narrative interesting from beginning to end. 

With those benefits in mind, don’t hesitate to include illustrations on your templates. If you are working with premium templates, illustrating the slides will only take a few seconds since you can add the images automatically.

Those are some expert tips to follow when you need to create professional and outstanding Keynote templates. If you are looking for more inspiration, be sure to click here and browse thousands of available templates. All of them will surely help you with a unique and interesting presentation.

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