5 Powerpoint Templates Tricks and Tips You Must Know


September 30, 2021

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Before we delve into discussing the tips and tricks for your PowerPoint templates, let us perhaps give you this piece of thought to start your reading. Nothing bores your audience more than a poorly curated presentation even when your topic is super important, right? You can talk about the most crucial issues in the world, but a lousy PowerPoint will still get you nowhere!

You might argue that while the success of a presentation still largely depends on the speaker’s ability to engage with the audience. However, it would be best if you didn’t ever underestimate the importance of preparing proper presentation slides as well. For instance, poor presentation slides will distract the audience and weaken your credibility as a speaker.

Thankfully, we’re here to provide you with five tips and tricks in creating attractive Powerpoint templates.

Powerpoint Templates
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Have a Clear Framework

Just like writing your paper, a good presentation outline usually has a solid beginning, center, and end. First, you can try introducing your topic with a scenario or question that grabs your audience’s attention. Then, continue by offering a table of content or agenda of what you’re going to present so that they can expect what to hear and what information to “absorb”. Ensure to end the presentation with concluding remarks, a call-to-action, or a review of what has been said.


Use a Simple Design

Interesting PowerPoint templates do not necessarily mean flashy and complicated designs—though, feel free to try them out if that’s your style. The simplicity of your design serves as a non-distracting feature, which is why we recommend that you use a maximum of three colors and use a background using a white or neutral color. Consider using fonts that are commonly used for texts, and don’t add too many confusing designs.


Make a “Killer” Opening Slide

A killer opening slide is a presentation slide that draws your audience’s attention right away because the beginning of the presentation is your opportunity to grab their attention.

Use images and colors that are interesting, unique, and striking but still pleasing and convenient to the eye. If the beginning of your presentation is good, people will be interested in paying attention to the following slides.


Don’t Use Too Much Text

Make sure you use clear and easy-to-read text because your presentation is there for the entire audience to see. Use a large font size so that it still looks good and can be read even by the audience sitting in the back seat. Of course, you’re allowed to use different fonts, but don’t overdo it to the point of your PowerPoint templates looking tacky and too cluttered.

Another common mistake is putting everything you’re going to say on all slides because you’re afraid you’ll forget, or it’ll be easier to recite them throughout the presentation. The thing is, this isn’t the most attractive way to deliver a presentation! Just think about it: if you give all the information on the slides, what’s the point of listening to you? The audience can just read everything on the monitor/projector instead. Avoid this by using a few keywords and explanations only.


Use Graphics

With the previous point in mind, try to incorporate good quality images. Look for pictures that reflect the theme being discussed and the tone you are trying to convey. For example, if you’re going to make a presentation about being more productive in life, use images to inspire and bring happiness to the audience.

Another most effective way to display a lot of information in one place is to use a graph or chart. Diagrams can help you convey trends that occur, such as the decline and increase in income.

Apply our five PowerPoint templates tips and tricks above to create effective and eye-catching presentation slides. In addition, don’t forget to pay attention to how to convey the message to the audience. You can try to improve your communication skills by taking education or courses in public speaking. In our opinion, it can be quite an excellent investment!

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