Creating Character Icons: Here’s Everything You Need to Know


October 1, 2021

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Many people like to put their selfie photos in various poses as avatars or character icons on social media or chat applications. It is indeed a current rising trend as people want their avatars to reflect who they are in a fun way. One of the most common strategies is creating a cartoon version of your face, usually provided by a free app or website.

Hence, you don’t need to worry about being a Photoshop expert or hire a pro cartoonist first to obtain a cartoon sketch of your face. Several free sites will turn a photo of yourself into an excellent cartoon that looks as if a professional artist or cartoonist made it. One of the most popular was the animated character avatar on Facebook, which has gone viral.

Character Icons
Sumber : Game Banana

Facebook has just released the latest update of a feature called Avatars. Just like his name, the Avatars provides animated characters that can be used as profile photos and emojis in various forms. This feature went viral because many people tried and shared their creations on their Facebook timelines.

Facebook’s Avatars is exciting because users can design animated characters the way they want. It’s also effortless to use since you don’t need any additional add-ons or applications. The creation can be done from the Facebook mobile app, right from the tip of your finger!

Basically, here’s how to make the character icons on Facebook:

  • On your mobile Facebook’s main page or timeline, tap the three lines icon in the upper right corner. You’ll be then redirected to a page containing various menus. Swipe down until you find the “See More” menu and select it.
  • After you press the “See More” menu, various other menus will appear. Here you can immediately see and select the menu that says Avatars to enter the creation process.
  • If this is the first time you’re creating your Avatar, you’ll immediately be presented with a wide array of characteristic options, such as the hair, face, clothes, and additional accessories. 
  • During the face creation process, you can see a mirror icon on the right side. This icon will open access to the front camera and allow you to take selfies at the moment. The goal is to make it easier for you to make facial designs similar to your face.
  • You can press the pencil icon on the top right to change the view.
  • If you want to create a completely new one, select the trash icon to delete any existing Facebook Avatars.
  • Later, when it’s finished, on the initial page of the creation page, an icon in the form of a sticker will appear on the right side. Select this menu, and you can see various emojis. These emojis will later be able to be used when you want to comment on other user uploads.


Another platform that has been widely used to create character icons is Picrew, a Japan-based online platform that provides users with an image-maker and lets them play with the image creators. Images created by the image-maker may only be used to the extent permitted by the creator and Picrew. Picrew allows users to make character costumes from models that the creator or the image-maker has provided.

Other than freely available platforms, you can also try using designated software like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator to create your character icons. 

If you’re a Kpop fan, you must be familiar with the iconic character named BT21 from BTS, a South Korean boy band with enormous popularity. The characters come in a lot of merchandise, such as mugs or Tumblr. Besides BT21, there are also other character icons from several different famous Kpop groups. Latest, there is SKZOO from the Kpop group Stray Kids.

In short, there are many platforms out there that can help you create your very own character icons! See which one suits your preference, and have fun in the process. Refer to some examples if necessary. We can’t wait to see your very own character soon!

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