Best Ways to Create Great Icons from Image Objects


October 2, 2021

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With the uprising trend of character icons, creating one of your own using provided image objects is undeniable. Don’t worry, though; you don’t need to be a Photoshop expert or hire a pro cartoonist to get a cartoon sketch of your face. There are many other ways that you can try to make your very own character icon using graphics that are usually already provided on the platform you choose. 

What are Image Objects?

Image Objects
Sumber : Freepik

Image objects refer to premade images users can utilize to make character icons. Users can produce icons merely by mixing these objects until the desired result is achieved. Depending on the platform you choose, it usually already comes with many preinstalled image objects. Each will cater to its users’ unique and specific needs, so make sure to choose one that suits your needs the most.

In addition, the available image objects may comprise symbols, textures, reflections, shadows, borders, and background images for effortless icon creation. Users may need to navigate several subfolders on the platform, so make sure to first familiarize yourself with it by creating some trial-and-error projects.


Best Ways to Create Character Icons from Image Objects

Image Objects
Sumber : Its Liquid

If you’re looking for easy-to-use platforms with a wide range of image objects option, look no further than these recommendations of ours:

Face Your Manga

You can create an avatar with this site for those of you who like anime or manga characters. You can change hair color and style, eye color, clothing style, accessories like hats, and even additional character traits.

Pixton’s Picks

If you want to create more than just an avatar, like a humorous comic where you’re the main character, you can take advantage of this free site. You can create funny cartoon comics and add text to create a story. This can also be a creative way to write a diary or a funny story about your daily life.


This app helps you to create your own character in the cartoon version. You can change the eye color, face shape, skin color, hairstyle to the character’s dress style. You can even add various accessories and details, such as some items held in your hand like ice cream or coffee cups. 

Instructables: Turn Yourself Into a Cartoon

For those of you who want to use Photoshop or Illustrator to make your face or photo look like a cartoon, this site will provide detailed instructions until you get the result you want. You’ll need to have a Photoshop or Illustrator app to take advantage of this site and maybe a little bit of art.


This photo-editing site can not only turn your beach landscape photo into a watercolor painting, but it can also turn your selfie into a cartoon character. In addition, you can also change facial expressions in photos and create animations, such as changing your face to smile, frown, angry, blink, and so on.

Moron Face

This site is not for making cartoon characters but rather for making caricatures by exaggerating your facial expression. You can also add various effects and change the shape of your face by uploading a photo of yourself.

Pick a Face

For those of you who like avatars in the form of modern cartoon characters, this site has lots of cool features to make it happen. To create a cartoon, you need to select the Language and click Create Avatar. You can then choose between male and female characters to start cartooning yourself.

Build Your Wild Self

Perhaps this is the most suitable site to realize your wildest imagination. With this site, you can create a cartoon character of yourself by adding the body parts of forest-dwelling animals. For those of you who like avatars that are a bit quirky or unique in a certain way, maybe it’s time to move away from the mainstream with this platform.


We hope some of the best ways we recommended above can help you create great icons from image objects! Which one will you choose for your creative project?

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