5 Creative Flyers Ideas for Small Business Owners


October 20, 2021

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Flyers are one of the most effective promotional media. It is widely used by companies to promote their products or services despite the current rise of online promotional activities, such as social media marketing or affiliate programs.

In the simplest term, flyers or brochures are straightforward sheets of paper that provide essential information about a particular product, service, or event. The content might include a title, brief description, price, benefit, etc. In the past, people made this media using simple stationery.

While the concept of using flyers as promotional media is quite simple, it cannot be done haphazardly if you wish to run the campaign effectively. In addition to the design and content of the brochure, you must also pay close attention to the distribution of the brochure and make sure that it will reach the target market.

The Importance of Creative Design for a Flyer

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Just like any other promotional media, flyers with more creative flairs and attractive designs will have better value and serve as a more powerful potential marketing medium for your target market, giving more benefits for your promotion campaign.

Generally speaking, creating an effective marketing brochure must be seen from two different perspectives; content and design. The pamphlet contents are responsible for providing the appropriate information while the plan serves as the eye candy that attracts more people – or in this case, potential customers. Luckily, now you don’t have to use stationery to create this media.

How to Create Good Content for a Flyer or Brochure?

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The content of your flyer must be short, concise, clear, and appropriate. Use persuasive language and pick the words that sell. Good copywriting will give a memorable impression to anyone who reads it. The layout must also be arranged in such a way that it is easy to read at a glance.

For a good rule of thumb, try incorporating AIDA principles into the making of your brochure or flyers. AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. According to the principles, a good printing media should fulfill these roles:

  • Attention – able to attract attention using words or visuals,
  • Interest – able to improve the overall interest of the readers toward the product or service offered.
  • Desire – able to entice potential customers to desire to get the product or service provided.
  • Actionable to make the reader take specific action related to the offers. For instance, they should call the number listed on the flyers or come to the address written on the paper.

By practicing these principles, you can expect your flyers to stand out among competitors. It might take a lot of effort to understand and to put these principles into practice, but it will be worth it in the long run.

How to Create Aesthetically Pleasing Design for a Flyer or Brochure?

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From a design perspective, there is no specific limitation in which you must follow. This is the greatest thing about creative work; you are just limited by your imagination and stationery

That being said, there are some patterns or formulas you should follow to get the best results. You can’t just throw a random combination of photos, graphic images, and colors. Creating a stand-out design that is visually attractive to others usually takes more planning.

First of all, try looking for photos that could pick people’s curiosity. It does not have to be a controversial or odd one. Just pick images that might represent your company or business in some ways.  Color is also significant. It plays the emotions of the reader directly and is good to show the characteristics of your company or product. Try using your stationery to plan out the layout!

5 Creative Flyers Ideas for Small Business

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Making a brochure does not require a high cost (you can even use simple stationery for this!), and it has excellent potential to expand your marketing power by enticing the target market to buy the products offered. However, since the conventional flyers might look outdated, there are some creative ways to enhance them.

Use the Burning Issue for Your Advantage

The world will never run out of the issue. There is something new every day that picks the interest of the mass; from celebrity scandals, political movements, or even silly challenges you find on Tik Tok. These subjects sometimes are the best inspiration you can find for designing a flyer!

Try observing the current issue and finding the correlation that matters to your company or product. Be careful, though, and some problems are just too sensitive to touch; racial, religion, serious crime, and grief are just some of the issues you should never use for marketing.

Use Memes

Memes are pictures, or graphic images considered “funny” because they represent humor based on people’s feelings. Nowadays, you can find countless memes online, whether from websites or social media.

Incorporating memes into flyers might have a better outcome than you ever imagined. Most people today, especially those in the productive age, are fascinated more by memes than a sophisticated visual made with a high budget.

Create Scannable Barcode

Almost all people bring a scanning device in their pocket – yes, most smartphone cameras can scan printed barcodes or QR codes on paper or another surface. Thus, creating a custom code might help to increase the engagement rate of your flyers.

Luckily, you can use the free-to-use app from Playstore or App Store to create a custom barcode or QR code. The content of the barcode itself can vary based on your preference. You can use it to reveal a unique discount code or another gimmick that may pick your customer’s interest.

Planning Unorthodox Distribution

Flyers can be placed in various strategic locations. That being said, to get the best results, you must start planning the distribution more creatively. Rather than sticking it out anywhere, try using other places that are often overlooked by your competitors, such as public transportation, outside of football stadiums, or inside local stores that allow you to do it.

Moreover, avoid distributing your flyers in prohibited areas or any places that are forbidden by law. You must respect the rules to retain a positive reputation and convey positive images to your potential customers.

Use Graphics Templates

While you can always create the flyer designs using your stationery from scratch, in most cases, small business owners might not have a dedicated designer or similar position at their company. To solve this, the most convenient way is using the ready-to-use brochure templates that are easy to edit and can be used out of the box.

Most templates are sold along with their raw files, which you can edit via Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, or similar apps. All you need to do is enter the copy you have made, add some information here and there, then voila! You now have a fantastic design for your flyers!

As a reference, here are some of our favorites flyers and brochure templates:

  • Master Laundry Flyer

This flyer is made specifically for the laundry business. If your company operates in this field or something related to it, you might want to try it out. The text column is editable, and you will get the raw files that you can customize according to your liking!

  • Animal Fundraising Event Flyer

While the brochures sound like it was made for a charity event, you can use this colorful design to anything that fits your business since the visuals are editable. This design is nice-looking and straightforward, making it a favorite for many business owners out there.

  • Street Casual Fashion Sale Flyer

This black and white flyer is designed to look aesthetically pleasing since it was intended for showing fashion sales and things related to that. The modern look of this flyer can grasp people’s attention very quickly.

  • Culiner Holiday Festival Flyer

If your business is related to the food industry, this template might fit your needs best. Using the enticing light yellow color and simple 2D vectors, the template will make any flyer look both vibrant and minimalistic. 

  • Business – Bifold Brochure

This brochure is made specifically for business purposes. The bifold form is practical and elegant; it can contain a lot of information while catching people’s curiosity to read the entire content. If you want something sleek and functional simultaneously, this one would be the best pick!

  • Welcome Agency Flyer

Just like the name suggests, this flyer shows bold creative flair typically used by agencies and other businesses in the creative field. The space for putting words is quite much, making it perfect for a flyer to deliver more information. If you think you need to put more words in your brochure, this one will do excellent.

Some Other Tips to Help Your Business

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Now you have the design you need to make your flyer stand out among competitors, and there are some other things you must understand to maximize the result of your promotion.

Build Mutual Trust with Local Printing vendor

Printing flyers is typically cheaper and affordable compared to other promotional media, especially if you are able to create it using simple, everyday stationery. However, you can reduce the total production cost by building mutual trust or another program with a local printing vendor.

Try to offer something that will contribute to building the vendor branding to ask for discounted prices, such as making them the “official vendor” for all your printing media or putting their name on your website or flyers.

This method might be beneficial for small businesses struggling to get the necessary promotion budget or are financially limited.

Building Customer Trust

Printing and distributing flyers to your target market should mean more than just a marketing scheme – it should become a way to build their trust in your business and products indirectly. All of these can only be conveyed positively if your brochure has more clear information about marketing or such.

For instance, try to incorporate meaningful social activities or movements within your flyers once or twice. That way, the target market which reads your brochure might see how caring and positive your business is. Thus, they may trust your business more and see it in a better light.

Target Your Market Niche

While a flyer can be seen by anyone of all ages, you must always understand who you expect to see the promotion. Are they students or housewives? Are they living in a big city or a village? Do they come from the middle class or lower?

The more specific market you have in mind, the better you can plan the overall concept of the flyers. After all, the copywriting or how you deliver the message conveyed in the brochure might need to be changed based on the market targets.

Include All the Benefits

Some specific benefits from the product or service you offer might convince prospective buyers to be paying consumers. For this reason, sometimes it is necessary to include some of the benefits that buyers can get if they buy the products or services offered through the brochure.

Instead of explaining the product’s advantages, explain very briefly the benefits that buyers can get with the product. Making the product can offer some solutions to the problems faced by potential buyers.

Use Catchy Headline or Title

The buyer typically decides to read the brochure for just a few seconds or even just a glance. Therefore, a catchy headline will help increase the buyer’s interest to read more. This has to do more with copywriting. Consequently, you might need to learn a bit more about that subject.

Wordy and tedious writing will only waste the reader’s time without conveying the primary information you try to deliver. Just focus on writing to catch people’s attention in the shortest amount of time possible.

Final Words

Looking at the article above, we can conclude that flyers are still a very viable means of promotion. It is cost-effective, easy to distribute, and could reach many people in a relatively short amount of time.

That being said, creating attractive flyers does need extra effort and time. You need to consider everything, including the copywriting, the layout of the final design, the color schemes, visual elements, and more.

Luckily, nowadays, you can use the graphic templates made specifically for creating brochures or flyers. Thus, there is no need to use your stationery to manually create a brochure again. For this one, try visiting aqrstudio.com to find the best template that fits your business perfectly!

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