Power Point Templates 101: Elevating Your Slides in 5 Simple Steps


December 3, 2021

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Microsoft Powerpoint is a part of the Microsoft Office application. This program is intended as a presentation media. Users can create presentations creatively since the program supports the use of audio, video, image and animation features and custom Powerpoint templates or designs.

Powerpoint is very popular and widely used by various people, including students, offices workers and business owners, educators, and trainers. In other words, this application can be used in multiple fields.

If you don’t have ample experience creating presentation slides using Powerpoint templates, you may want to know how to elevate or optimize your Powerpoint presentation. In this article, we will give you some pointers about everything you need to do to promote the slides and achieve success! 

Power Point Templates
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  • Picking the Best Template

The use of good Powerpoint templates always supports a good presentation. The suitable template will make your presentation look professional and display your message clearly.

Applying a new template is quite simple. Just hover the mouse to the upper left corner, click File and then click New. You will find several options, including Blank Templates (which you should edit yourself), Recent Templates (the previous templates you have used), and Template Options from Office.com (a new template you can download).

If you don’t want to edit the current template, then you need to choose a template based on the category of your presentation themes, such as Business, Medical, Industry, Technology, Science, etc.

  • Modifying the Layouts

Microsoft provides quite a lot of options to choose from for a template. Although most of them have basic features and minimalistic looks, this may be enough to help you deliver a casual or simple presentation.

That being said, the default presentation templates are actual looks mediocre. Some templates have a terrible colour composition that is not harmonious and uncomfortable to look at. In this case, you may need to modify the overall layout of your chosen theme.

  • Choosing the Appropriate Fonts

The font has a significant impact on the success of your presentation. After all, the font you use within the slides can bring out the people’s emotions who see it. Thus, influencing how the audience perceives your message.

As a rule of thumb, you need to use different fonts for titles and body text. In addition, you also need to consider the condition of the room where you make a presentation; if you have to do the display using a single projector with around 100 people as an audience, use a slightly larger font (size 36) to avoid using too much text on one slide.

The size of font you use is very tentative since each font has a different size. Take a close look at the font type and estimate the appropriate slide composition to make it easy for the audience to read.

  • Adding Media and Sound

The use of media is to help clarify the idea you are conveying. Remember, images in a presentation are not for decoration; using an image as a decoration for slides often lead you to impose an inappropriate image so that the message that should be clear is blurred.

Moreover, you must understand that adding images to your Powerpoint templates is carried out to amplify the message. Therefore, it is essential to make sure that you use relevant images. Pictures, video, or even sound you put on the slide must match the general idea of your slides.

  • Giving Positive Impression to Your Audience

Creating a positive impression during a presentation is a must since it will affect the willingness and interest of the audience. According to a study, first impressions occur within the first 20 seconds. In those 20 seconds, people will get a 55% impression on appearance, 38% on tone and voice, and 7 per cent on the words used.

Based on this fact, it is imperative to be well-prepared before conducting a presentation. Make sure that you dress well, speak louder, show a fair amount of confidence, and communicate as clearly as possible with the audience.

  • Closing

Finally, it is also worth noting that Powerpoint is not only used to deliver presentations; depending on the user’s knowledge, Powerpoint is also used to create web banners, Facebook timeline covers, Facebook ads designs, and much more.

While creating slides with Powerpoint is quite fun, it also takes a lot of your precious time. Thus, it might be better to use ready-to-use Powerpoint templates, like the ones created by AqrStudio.

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