5 Ways to Optimize Your Google Slides Templates


December 6, 2021

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Google Slides is a web-based application created by Google to help people creating and running presentations professionally. You can use this web application for free; all you need to do is creating a Google account.

Google Slides is quite functional and has a good selection of different types of introductory presentation themes. Well, most of these themes aren’t as aesthetically appealing as those found in desktop apps —especially if you compared it to some paid presentation application— but and you can use third-party Google Slides templates as an alternative to create professional-looking slides.

That being said, picking and using templates is not the only thing you need to do. If you want to do a proper presentation and provide a better experience for the audience, there are some things you can do to optimize the Google Slides templates.

Collaborate with Your Team

Google Slides Templates
Sumber : Inc

Google Slides is an online-based application service. Thus, this application will make it easier for you to make online presentations with your colleagues or collaborate with anyone in your team.

Using the online service, your co-workers or anyone you wish to collaborate with can view the files and edit them in real-time. As a cherry on top, Google Slides is also equipped with a feature to export documents in various formats, including ppt, pptx, ODP, jpg, SVG, and pdf.

Paying Extra Attention to the Aesthetics

Google Slides Templates
Sumber : Envato

As we have previously stated, most free-to-use themes you will find on Google Slides are pretty basic without any aesthetics flair. Therefore, you might need to make certain adjustments, such as modifying the basic templates, using custom fonts, or using pro Google Slides templates from a trusted website like Envato.

Enhancing your slides’ visual aesthetic does not necessarily mean that you need to use detailed pictures, decorations, or custom visuals; sometimes, less is more. If you need to deliver a long and technical presentation that deals with lots of texts, try to summarize the point of each text or use video or picture as a substitution of some texts. 

Optimizing your slides visualization helps strengthen the message you try to convey and provides the opportunity to provoke audience engagement with the content of your presentation.

Using Ready-to-Use Themes for Quick Presentation

Using ready-to-use, Google Slides templates can be a quick getaway when you are in a pinch. Thus, we recommend you get at least 2 or 3 templates as a precaution. If you need to do a quick presentation with Google Slides, these templates will be a massive help for your cause.

For example, you may visit Envato to get 1 Google Slide template with formal design and another template for more casual occasions. This way, when you need to do a quick presentation without much preparation, you need to pull the template out, copy and paste your material, and you are ready to roll!

Playing with Diagrams

The messages you try to deliver to the audience in a presentation rely on spoken words and need to be supported by visual media, such as diagrams, charts, pictures, or even memes.

A good presenter must be able to deliver a point using both ears and eyes of its audiences. This way, the messages captured and stored in the audience’s memory will increase significantly, leaving a better impression and more assertive remark of your presentation.

Remember, the human brain is easier to capture a memory from visuals, like picture illustrations, animated graphics, and inspiring videos, rather than a line of text. Thus, try “playing” with diagrams or media to ensure that the information received by the audience is complete and mutually supportive of each other.

Utilizing Q&A Functions

Google Slides has a feature called “Slides Q&A.” This service allows the audience to ask questions directly to the moderator without interrupting your presentation. Questions submitted by the audience through this feature will appear on the moderator’s app screen and other people’s app screens.

This feature can make the question and answer session after the presentation more efficient, especially at events where most of the audience has access to smartphones or PCs. After all, not everyone wants to be the center of attention by going on stage or asking questions in front of a large audience.


In the end, optimizing Google Slides templates is relatively easy as long as you know what exactly to do. The more you use Google Slides, the better your understanding of using the app is more efficiently.

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