7 Social Media Templates to Promote Food and Beverage Business


December 13, 2021

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Do you need templates to create social media business accounts? The answer is: yes. Social media templates give your business a more specific look online, especially for promoting popular products like food and beverage. Non-designers or those who want convenience can download pre-made templates designed for promoting specific businesses, including food.

Social Media Templates
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Templates for food and beverage must have attractive colors and designs that showcase the mouth-watering images of the products or services you offer. Here are seven perfect templates for that purpose.

  • Restaurant Menu

Restaurant Menu is a bright, cheerful social media template that focuses on the food item listing. Available for desktop and mobile versions, this template comes with an attractive pastel color palette and contemporary abstract background. With one download, you get nine-page styles to make your social media feed look more enticing.

Restaurant Menu comes with PSD, AI, and EPS files, perfect for adjustment with popular design tools like Photoshop and Illustrator. It also comes with pre-made free fonts that fit the template’s style.

  • Sweet Bakery

Need to promote cakeshop and bakery? Make sure your posts are as colorful, beautiful, and delicious as the foods! Sweet Bakery is a social media template to promote confectionery, dessert, and bakery businesses. Showcase your cupcakes, pastries, cookies, and custom cakes with fun, pastel-colored designs.

Sweet Bakery offers nine post styles, complete with multiple files, such as PSD, AI, and EPS. You can modify the pages using Adobe design tools. The 1080 x 1080 pixel makes every post look mouth-watering with high quality.

  • Stay Healthy

Since the healthy food business is booming, why not using the perfect template for it? Stay Healthy has a refreshing green, yellow, and orange palette to showcase your healthy recipes, meals, catering menu, and vegan dishes. The template has modern, bold color blocks, perfect for showcasing the menu items and their prices.

Use Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator to modify the templates, so they match your concept. The template comes with nine styles to create unique social media posts.

  • Special Fast Food

Special Fast Food showcases a bright, casual, but professional social media template to promote everyone’s favorite comfort food. Its bright orange palette makes your food images look more enticing. The template comes with nine styles that you can resize and modify without losing their image quality.

Download the template to get it in multiple files, such as AI, PSD, and EPS. Use popular design tools like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to modify and adjust your posts. The images have 1080 x 1080 pixels, perfect for high-quality posts on all social media platforms.

  • New Café

Interested in joining the rising trend of the coffee shop business? Start from New Café social media template as your promotional tool. This template offers a quirky design with delightful moss green and yellow palette, perfect for promoting a new business. It comes as a full vector with nine unique styles for fresh posts.

New Café comes with PSD, AI, and EPS files. You can modify or change the design elements with Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. The pre-made fonts come with the template to create a legible and neat social media post.

  • Food Court Menu

Modern and inviting, Food Court Menu is a great template with a pastel blue, pink, and yellow palette. The social media style is relaxing, modern, and inviting, with the pastel colors perfectly showcasing your foods’ attractive photos. Food Court Menu comes with 1080 x 1080 pixels, which means every post comes with high-quality images to attract new and long-time customers.

Food Court Menu is ideal for promoting all types of food businesses, from small food stalls and coffee shops to medium and large restaurants. The HD image placeholders can be modified to feature your best food pictures, attracting your prospective buyers.

  • Sweet

Finally, invite all the sweet tooth owners to taste your products using Sweet. This template offers a beautiful pink theme with unique image placeholders, great for promoting gourmet or handmade desserts. You can modify the template easily using Photoshop or Illustrator, thanks to its multiple files. The file also comes with nine styles of pages, making your social media posts more interesting. The images have 1080 x 1080 p, perfect for showing high-definition images.

Using specific social media templates is great for attracting customers and as a branding effort. Download these social media templates and start promoting your food business in a more professional way.

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