How to Design Newsletter People Will Actually Read


December 16, 2021

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With websites and digital readings dominating people’s attention, how do you create a printed newsletter that attracts them? The key is combining layouts, images, colors, and readable legible texts, making the newsletter look attractive but still professional. Here is your guide to make printed reading materials everyone will read.

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  • Use Bold Artwork 

Replace your generic stock photos with bold artworks, especially for the cover. Even if you advertise conservative business types, like finance or property, your printed newsletter can benefit from eye-catching illustrations. If your newsletter is related to art, literature, or design, you can use attractive artworks, either super bold and colorful or minimalistic and fresh.

  • Tease with Featured Titles

Make your readers interested in what you have to say. Just like a magazine cover, you can add featured titles on the cover. The main issue and the most interesting feature must be printed in a slightly larger typeface, with bold colors that will immediately attract the readers. 

  • Create Smooth Reading Flow 

While you can get creative with newsletter design, do not forget to create a smooth reading flow for your readers. Make sure they feel comfortable when reading without skipping important information. When creating layouts, especially those consisting of multiple columns, make sure you follow the natural eye-tracking movements of readers.

Generally, natural eye tracking movements consist of three tyles:

  • F-pattern Layout: the eyes move from top-left across the page to the right before moving down to repeat.
  • Gutenberg Diagram: the eyes move from top left to bottom right in a sweeping movement, with less attention toward the corners (usually for speed reading).
  • Z-pattern Layout: the eyes move from top-left to the right before moving diagonally to the bottom-left and bottom-right.

Once you understand the natural eye tracking movements, you can base your layout creation on these common patterns. Don’t forget to avoid clumping information in overly stuffed paragraphs so people can read more comfortably.

  • Experiment with Graphics and Layouts 

Once you understand the natural eye movements, it is time to get creative with graphics and layouts. An attractive newsletter usually has creative layouts and graphics, especially if the topics allow you to experiment with styles. Using color blocks is an easy way to create interesting layouts. You can use color blocks to highlight different sections on one page.

You can mix various bold colors to illustrate a page in creative ways, especially if there are elements such as pie charts, infographics, or diagrams. The key to avoiding the layout from looking garish or childish is by using slightly muted colors and making sure there is enough breathing space between the texts.

  • Use Different Designs for Special Events

What if you need to publish a newsletter during special dates? Tell your readers the importance of that edition by using different designs. You can achieve it by using unique illustrations with different styles. For example, if your business newsletter usually uses HD photos for the cover, choose a modern, colorful illustration instead for the anniversary episode.

You can also refresh the cover design to prevent a stale look during special events. For example, you can change the usual color tone as the basis of the cover design. Using different designs, images, and illustrations, you get the extra attention your business needs during the milestones.


Examples of High-Quality Newsletter Templates

Need easy ways to apply these design principles? You can start by downloading the newsletter template before using design tools to modify it. This way, you get a standard newsletter with pre-composed layouts and cover design, but with elements that you can adjust, change, and replace.

Here are some examples of good templates to make printed newsletters:

  • Morph

Morph combines bold yellow and purple colors with large hero images and contrasting color blocks. You can use it to create an attractive newsletter to promote design, food, or youth-oriented products.

  • International Business Newsletter

This is the type of newsletter you use for formal or conservative business. The layout resembles a newspaper, but with HD image placeholders, column layouts that are comfortable for the eyes, and neutral-colored color blocks for highlights.

  • Red-O Newsletter

Red-O is a sample of bold template that combines strong, contrasting colors. It uses red and dark blue color blocks with perfect balance, creating spaces for highlights and making your printed material look attractive. The layouts have multiple styles, give readers variety when reading.

Creating a printed newsletter requires design strategies to make it attractive and polished. Make your readers interested from start to finish with this well-designed business material.

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