What is Ding Bats Font and How You Can Use It in Your Designs


January 18, 2022

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Have you ever downloaded a typeface only to discover that it is different from the normal alphabetical fonts you are used to? The fundamental Roman alphabets have been replaced with a collection of cool fonts, symbols, decorations, or characters that have been organized to appear as if they are part of a typeface. This is referred to as the dingbat’s typeface in the digital world, and it has a wide range of applications that may assist modern designers in decorating and embellishing their creative work.

No matter if you’re new to the dingbat’s typeface or have always wanted to learn more about this unique digital item, here’s a step-by-step tutorial to help you better grasp the font and the possibilities you have if you decide to start using it.

Are you simply looking for typeface recommendations? Find the best cool fonts available and watch as everyone gets taken aback by your design.

What is a Ding Bats Font?

Ding Bats Font
Source : iFonts

In typesetting, dingbats are a form of decoration, a glyph that is used for the creation of box frames, dinkus, and section dividers. In addition to being used as signatures, dingbat symbols have also been used to organize parts of writing.

Previously, printers stored their decorations in a variety of different sorts of containers. In order for a printer to quickly distinguish, for example, a 13 point dingbat that corresponded to 14 point text, ornaments were generally separated on the page. Also possible are handmade and carved wood pieces, as well as stampings in lead, which is the traditional medium for making moveable types.

In the computer industry, a ding-bats typeface is a font that mixes symbols and shapes in the regions designated for alphabetic or numeric letters, resulting in a ding-bats font.

Despite the fact that some of the digitized dingbats are entire fonts, others may be created by inputting alphanumeric patterns. In computing, Unicode is a universal code that can be used to show a wide range of widely utilized characters, like the degree symbol on temperature data or the Euro sign when addressing European money. Unicode is an acronym that stands for Universal Code for Computing.

As emojis have gotten increasingly popular, dingbats have grown increasingly popular as too, particularly in the design sector. Dingbats aid in the navigation of a site or a graphic for both new and experienced visitors. In exchange, designers will save time and money by not having to download various images or fonts since they will be able to get all they need in a single dingbats font set. It is therefore both time and cost beneficial to use a dingbats typeface. To make things even better, the typeface is available in a variety of forms, including pictograms, ornaments, decorations, and many others.

Dingbat fonts have come a long way since the original one which was followed by a slew of others like Wingdings and Webdings, which your computer’s operating system includes at least one of them. Each letter, number, and punctuation that you enter will be represented by an image when using a dingbat typeface. Pictures generated from letters in upper case vs lower case are often unique.

Many software programs provide an “Insert Symbol” function that allows you to pick from a library of conventional dingbats. In other cases, you’ll be required to manually key in the letter.

Get to Know Wingdings, the Oldest Ding Bats Font by Windows

Ding Bats Font
Source : Free Fonts Vault

Microsoft dubbed it “Wingdings” by combining the printing phrase “dingbat” with the word “Windows. Because it was part of the Microsoft environment from the start, Wingdings was a big hit with typical users, who probably knew it better than Zapf Dingbats as well as its competitors.

Charles Bigelow and Kris Holmes were responsible for the production of Wingdings as we know it today. They created a pioneering type for the digital age as the creators of the typeface Lucida.

Bigelow and Holmes established pioneering digital type designers with Lucida. Although the typeface needed additional characters to be complete, they developed these in 1990 to fill the need.

When Wingdings was first created, it was based on Lucida, which were originally three independent typefaces. When users type the letter allocated to the icon, they may then use it to animate and embellish their papers without having to be concerned about the image files or readability.

Types of Ding Bats Font

Ding Bats Font
Source : Dafont

Are you looking forward to using the dingbats cool font in your project for the very first time? To get you started, here are a few of the most famous dingbats.


As a pictogram, a pictograph transmits meaning by the visual resemblance to a real item. Pictograms are sometimes called pictographs. Typically limited to the bare essentials for usage in signage, billboards, emblems, and branding.

Bullet Points

Bullets are typically created using dingbat typefaces, which are very small fonts. Your course will look and feel better with them in place. Fortunately, Wingding fonts come pre-installed on the vast majority of Windows PCs.


Using dingbat typefaces to create navigation buttons as well as other UI elements is a wonderful idea. This is why fonts like arrows and other direction-indicating typefaces like Ding Bats are being developed.


Use these ornamental typefaces as accents, decorations, and dividers in the same way you would with typeset dingbat characters.

Decorative dingbats were once used to adorn the margins of documents. Most of the time, it takes the shape of lovely curls and swishes that look great as an embellishment on your design.


Some dingbats, like clip art, can be used as images or graphics on their own. Dingbats in the form of animals or automobiles, for example.

Save time with these dingbats, which have several illustrations in one box. There is no need to download them all separately.

Design Elements

Dingbat characters may be used in conjunction with text as well as other graphics to create some stunning results.

Instead of sketching it by hand, some designers choose to utilize chat bubble-shaped dingbats to embellish their work.

What Can You Do with a Ding Bats Font?

Dingbats are accessible in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your needs. Fleurons, for example, are dingbats decorated with flowery decorations and motifs that are commonly used in typography. In addition to geometric and mathematical forms, animals, and even biomorphic that are inspired by real-life things may be available as dingbats typefaces. Dingbats are frequently employed to convey a symbolic message; for example, a smiling figure might be used to convey happiness. Some authors also employ pointing thumb dingbats to draw attention to a particular passage in a work of literature. Even mathematicians in the olden days utilized dingbats to symbolize mathematical equations in their calculations.

Dingbats are quite adaptable when it comes to their use. You may use it to quickly adorn any digital graphic or visual design, or if you want to go the additional mile, you can print the baubles, cut them out according to their form, and glue them to Christmas, Easter Day, or any sort of present for your lovely family as a gorgeous decoration.

How to Use Ding Bats Font

You may download and install a bewildering number of dingbat fonts, all with their very own distinctive images. For instance, there’s a category for anything from birds and trees to crystals and flowers to politicians and other random items.

To help you start, here are some of the use cases you may employ when you want to use dingbats font in your design.

Dingbats as Icons

Dingbats are great for creating icons since they are tiny, clear images. You may use dingbats to make icons by placing each one on a similar-looking backdrop shape. Using these sorts of symbols may help you organize thoughts, serve as a cognitive tool, or even serve as dynamic graphics on a user interface.

Dingbats as Illustrations

Dingbats may be used as illustrations in your designs if you enlarge them to 200 points or higher. Put it together like any other image, including text. Dingbats are extremely handy when you’re on a tight budget or want to keep things simple.

5 Cool Fonts for Ding Bats Design

Confused about where to start picking your ding bats font? Here are five cool fonts to get you started.

Eutemia Ornaments

Ding Bats Font
Source : 1001 Fonts

A beautiful ding bats font that focuses on swashes and twirly ornaments, use Eutemia Ornaments in your design as a delicate touch that makes your project looks even more sophisticated.

Border Corners

Ding Bats Font
Source : 1001 Fonts

Want to spruce up your documents or design? Use border corners that comes with over 20+ elegant ding bats font, ready to transform your design to the better.


Ding Bats Font
Source : 1001 Fonts

Fredoka is a ding bats font that is different than others. It is bold yet rounded, making the appearance looks friendly without coming off as intimidating. The design offers multiple shapes such as animals and fruits.


Ding Bats Font
Source : 1001 Fonts

Aristotelica is a ding bats font that can be a perfect functional icon, be it for your poster or UI design. The shapes comprise of homes, appliances, and signs, among many others.

WC Rhesus

Ding Bats Font
Source : 1001 Fonts

Looking to decorate your design with a dash of creepy effect? This cool font is the answer. WC Rhesus offers a blood splatter-like font that will make your design look ready for Halloween.

Where You Can Download Ding Bats Font

If you’re on a tight schedule, the internet is rife with resources for font downloads. It’s possible to spend hours sifting through shoddy websites in search of anything and yet be left empty-handed. In order to save you time, we’ve scoured the web for the finest places to get free dingbats font downloads. Visit the following websites to see if you can locate the font you’re looking for.


Ding Bats Font
Source : Font Space

Over 2,100 designers have contributed typefaces to this site, which now has over 32,000 in its library. It’s huge. With more than 746,000 users, it’s also a great place to find and download typefaces.

FontSpace is a great resource for finding free fonts for your own projects. By just clicking over a typeface while browsing, you can see the licensing information for that typeface before you ever start to download it.

If you’re a registered user, you may save your favorite fonts to a personal favorites collection, contact the creators, and even make a small donation.


Ding Bats Font
Source : Design Download

Another site where you may get free fonts is DaFont. The majority of typefaces on the site are free for personal use only, however, there is a slew of fonts available for commercial usage.

DaFont’s category system is one of its unique features. This allows you to search for fonts based on a variety of topics, such as scary fonts, online gaming fonts, and romantic fonts. Including dingbats font, makes it simple for designers to locate fonts for many sorts of projects.

Creative Market

Ding Bats Font
Source : Vector logo seek

Creative Market is an online platform for crowd design materials that provides a weekly selection of free items, including one free typeface. For a limited time, you may purchase a new design each week. Due to the fact that the typefaces offered here are generally paid for, they are of a high standard. 


Ding Bats Font
Source : Envato

There are nearly a million creative resources available in Envato Elements’ online collection, including pictures, fonts, and graphic arts layouts. Membership is only $16,50 per month, and it gives you unrestricted access to the entire library.

There are several benefits to joining Envato Elements, regardless of whether you create graphic material, design websites, or work as a freelancer.

Every day, new files are being uploaded to the Envato Elements collection, so there’s always something fresh to choose from. Other digital stock sites have download restrictions, however, this one has none. You may obtain however many files as you would like.

Visit the finest Envato profiles for a wide choice of fonts, templates, and graphics.

Font Squirrel

Ding Bats Font
Source : Font Squirrel

If you’re looking for high-quality free fonts, try Font Squirrel. Commercial rights are available for most of the typefaces included in Font Squirrel. In order to keep things simple, the service makes it straightforward for users to verify the font licenses prior to downloading them.

To make your own online fonts, Font Squirrel has a Webfont Generator. It also has a Font Identifier, which is a tool that lets you identify typefaces from photos.

Now that you know what ding bats font is and how awesome it can be, you can use this cool font as an addition or centerpiece for your design. Use the ding bats font we displayed above or search your own on the website recommendations we have.

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