Choosing the Best Fonts for Graphic Designer: The Top 7 Choice


October 17, 2021

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Fonts are the typography in a website design, which plays a vital role in the usability and readability of the website. In terms of function, fonts also play a crucial role in search engine optimization, especially since the era of “mobile-first indexing,” which focuses heavily on user experience.

Ideally, you should not use too many types of fonts; just one is enough. However, you may need to use different versions based on the size and appearance, such as bold, 300, 400, 600, and so on. Aside from keeping the neat appearance of your site, too many font variations can also hurt the speed load performance of a website.

As you may have known, there are various fonts; some of those are free, while the others require payment. Not all fonts are suitable to use in every concept. Some fonts can be used only for specific images or niches. As a graphic designer developing a website for product marketing, you must use a font that fits your product concept.

Minimalist vs. Artistic Fonts

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Based on its function, fonts on a website are usually divided into two categories; minimalistic or artistic. Minimalist fonts are used to increase the readability of content on a website. In contrast, creative fonts are used as decorations or complementary elements to add to the aesthetic appearance of the website.

One example of the “minimalistic font” is the Sans Serif. We can easily recognize this font since it is used in most text online. Some examples of the Sans Serif fonts are Arial, Helvetica, Trebuchet MS, Lucida Grande, and Verdana. This particular style has a high level of readability, making it the perfect choice to be used in digital media that are likely to be accessed from different platforms, including PCs, tablets, and mobile phones.

Meanwhile, the artistic fonts emphasize the uniqueness of its form rather than focusing on its readability. Some examples of these fonts are Akzidenz-Grotesk, New Baskerville, and Franklin Gothic.

Combining these two categories are the best practice to keep the readability of your site without sacrificing the overall aesthetics you try to show to the visitors. For example, a graphic designer might use Arial as the primary font for content while using New Baskerville for the banner or other visual elements.

The Top 7 Choice for Graphic Designer

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Sumber : Aqr Studio

Considering that there are millions of fonts out there, you might be a bit overwhelmed finding the right ones for your site as a graphic designer. Here are our top 10 font choices for reference:

  • Omunium – Blackletter Font

A black-themed font with lots of ligatures is always a good addition for enhancing the aesthetic elements of your choosing. This font also supports multi-language use and custom symbols.

  • Chunky – Comic Book Font

Any graphic designer who is looking for comical-looking fonts will appreciate this one. Its unique appearance is perfect for making catalogs, company branding, targeted marketing, etc.

  • Bastone – Handdraw Serif Font

Unique-looking serif font with a burst of vibrancy all over it. While it looks aesthetically pleasing, the font is pretty easy to read since it used serif letters as the base of the style.

  • Raster – Vintage Blod Display Font

The vintage-looking fan will like this one a lot. Raster combines bold writing and an elegant vibe of vintage letters commonly found in an old winery or classic western salon.

  • Wonderkid – Cute Display Font

As the name suggests, this particular font is designed to look cute and playful. A graphic designer may find it works very well for any niche that relates to kids, animation, or even entertainment in general.

  • Moonlit – Script Font

This script font looks like something you would find on a movie poster. The smooth and graceful strokes are aesthetically pleasing and easy to read, making it one of the best choices to write a bold headline in visually rich content.

  • Dalima Signature Font

A unique signature font is always welcomed when a graphic designer need to create natural-looking writing digitally. Dalima is one of the most used fonts for company trademarks, magazines, fashion blogs, wedding invitations, and greeting cards.

Final Words

Aside from those fonts, a graphic designer can also find a myriad of other options on this page. All of those fonts are made by , one of the most trusted graphic designs studios you can find online. We hope you can find the one that best suits your needs. Good luck!

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