7 Top-List Fancy Fonts for Wedding Invitations


November 15, 2021

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An invitation or save-the-date card is the first thing that the guests will notice about a wedding—even before they have a chance to admire the beautiful bride or the splendid reception. Therefore, if you want to make a great impression from the start, the best way to begin is to create a beautiful wedding invitation with a touch of beautiful, fancy fonts.

Whether you are designing a wedding invitation on your own or using the help of a professional designer, these fancy options of wedding fonts will never fail to satisfy your needs.

Fancy Fonts
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How to Select Fancy Fonts for Wedding Invitations

Before deciding on particular fancy fonts to be featured on your wedding invitation, there are some important things that you need to take into account. First things first, make sure that the font you choose goes hand in hand with the wedding theme. If you want to go with a traditional wedding, then the font should be selected accordingly. On the contrary, if your theme is more modern, you should look for fancy typography with a modern touch. 

The next thing to consider is the highlight features. The names and the wedding date are some essential information that needs to be more prominent than the others. You can make them stand out by featuring fonts with an accent. That way, the guests will instantly focus on the main information before scanning through the rest of the invitation. 

More importantly, regardless of the fonts you choose, it is your primary job to ensure that each stroke, shade, and cursive are legible for everyone. Thin or highly scripted fonts look nice at a glance, but they might present low readability for some people. For general options, fancy wedding fonts usually use the basic version or variation of these font types:

  • Calligraphy, for a hand-drawn impression that can be combined with modern effects.
  • Script, for a formal and traditional style with lots of ornate features.
  • Serif, for a timeless classic look with heavy visuals.
  • Sans Serif, for a clean, highly legible typography that looks good in digital version.  

Some Top-List Fancy Fonts to Consider

The choice of fancy fonts for wedding invitations comes in a long list, but here are some recommended fonts that should be on top of your list. 

  • Subtropics

Subtropics is a fancy variation of calligraphy fonts featuring a stylish, condensed space. This font simply complements both traditional and modern themes. A set of ligatures and multilanguage characters is also available in its package, giving you more freedom to create and combine.

  • Freebooter

The derivative of classic Script font, Freebooter is a reflection of love and beauty in a sophisticated way. It is also regarded as one of the most frequently used fonts for wedding invitations because of its contemporary look.  

  • Alex Brush

In the font category, Alex Brush is popular for its italicized effect. The big curls and deep characters offered by this font make it suitable for a simple yet classy wedding invitation. When using Alex Brush for the invitation, you don’t need to worry about the readability level; it’s guaranteed that the font is easier to read than most other similar types.

  • Broadway

Combining fancy and classy in one font, Broadway brings a slice of 1920s luxury into your wedding invitation. The style is rich in vintage vibe, so it is an excellent choice to complement an old-fashioned wedding theme. 

  • Windsong

Windsong offers beauty and elegance at the same time. Belongs to the calligraphy groups, it is one of a few fancy fonts that features a unique touch and stroke, more than just the standard wedding font. 

  • Aphrodite

Fancy for a wedding in the formal setting? Let’s start by giving your guests a dazzling charm of Aphrodite font. Just like the goddess herself, this elegant font embraces grace in the best way. More importantly, it is still easier to read, even with its heavy decorative elements.

  • Exmouth

Exmouth is another excellent option for a traditional wedding. This variation of Script font is famous for its polished and slanted letters. With a high level of readability, Exmouth is a perfect way to announce a wedding with class. 

With those options in mind, it’ll be one step easier to feature fancy fonts on your wedding invitation. As you grab the guests’ attention with a beautiful save-the-date announcement, they will surely count the days to attend your special day. If you are looking for more inspirational design ideas, including fonts for any occasion, be sure to have a look here

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