Sans Serif

5 Popular Sans Serif in 2021

What makes sans serif fonts popular? Well, before we go there, let’s get to know this font first: Surely, we may have seen different types of serifs. There are tapered and blocky types. Then how about ‘sans serif’? Based on the Latin word, ‘sans’ means “without”. It means the font styles are used without serifs. …

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Serif Fonts

5 Most Likeable Serif Fonts in 2021

To many people, popular things have something to do with familiarity. In this case, classic and traditional styles tend to be the most memorable and likeable ones. Because of its sense of timelessness, plenty of serif fonts are still trending this year of 2021. The Most Likeable Five This one-piece alone will not be enough …

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Script Fonts

5 Stunning Script Fonts

When it comes to wedding or other party invitations, you need something stunning. This is the same for book covers, posters, albums, T-shirts, and many more. You can go from casual to formal, there are stunning script fonts to make everything come true. The Stunning Five The list may go on and be longer than …

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Photo Templates

5 Awesome Photo Templates for Your Creative Project

Either you’re a professional graphic designer or a seasoned photographer, there’s nothing like awesome photo templates to revamp your creative project and portfolio website. Decorated with a colorful palette, engaging visual, and flexible style, these photo templates will surely refresh your creative toolbox and garner many eyes who admire your design. Some might wonder, “if …

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Google Slides Templates

Why Google Slides Perfect for Presentation? (with Google Slides Templates Recommendations)

PowerPoint has long become a default option to assist presentation, but Google Slides offers many benefits for a flawless presentation. Simple use, easy collaboration, and numerous options of Google Slides templates allow you to get creative and professional.  Here is everything you know about the benefits of Google Slides, complete with template recommendations. Google Slides …

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